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A quiet place of reflection and tribute

Article from the Western Weekender » Friday, May 25, 2018

Kemps Creek Cemetery is a boutique cemetery unlike any other. Owned and managed by Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria, the memorial park is kept in line with the rural aspect of Kemps Creek, as the natural landscape of the area is embraced with rolling lawns and tranquil lake views surrounded by native bushland.
It’s no surprise that the cemetery has become a sanctuary for the community, as locals come to the serene memorial park and go biking, walk their dogs and enjoy the outdoors together, whether they have loved ones buried there or not.
The cemetery is a place bringing the community together with regular family events, monthly masses and a yearly carols event that drew over 500 people in 2017.
“Kemps Creek Cemetery also holds within its grounds Sydney Natural Burial Park, Sydney’s only eco-burial area,” Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria CEO, Peter O’Meara said. “Natural burial offers the community a simple and sustainable resting place with minimal disturbance to the bushland environment with no formal headstones, monuments or artificial wreaths.”
The latest research from the NSW State Government shows there are only 300,000 burial spaces in metropolitan Sydney. “Based on projected population growth and death rates there will be a shortage of burial space in Sydney within the next 20 years, unless new cemetery developments are approved,” Mr O’Meara said. “As most families prefer to be within 30 minutes from the cemetery, it is beneficial to purchase a burial spot ahead of time in a preferred location.”
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