Kemps Creek Memorial Park

We’re upgrading our facilities to better serve our clients.

Kemps Creek Memorial Park is undergoing major construction of a new administration office and crematorium. Construction will take place from February 2022 until December 2022.

During refurbishment we thank you for your patience

During refurbishment:

  • The administration office will be relocated to a temporary facility located between the pavilion and dam.
  • The area under construction will be fenced off to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.
  • During the works, there may be traffic control in places on certain days however there will be a traffic management plan and signage in place.
  • Access via the south entry gate will not be available throughout the construction period.
  • Access for visitation will continue throughout the construction period, and it will be business as usual throughout the rest of the Cemetery.

Thank you for your patience while the works are taking place.  Please pardon our appearance and any disruptions during the transformation.

Please pardon our appearance and any disruptions during the transformation.

Catholic Cemeteries provides Grave shortage solution

Sydney is running out of burial space. Cemeteries that have served Sydney for over a century are in their final years. Some of these will close within 3 years and all Crown cemeteries will close to new burials within 10-12 years.

Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria has been working with over 200 community groups to resolve their imminent shortage of burial space, including the Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and other faith groups in line with their religious needs and burial practices.

CCC recognised the critical shortage of burial space several years ago and is the only Crown operator in Sydney that has secured new burial land with the purchase of two DA approved cemeteries.

They include the 113ha Macarthur Memorial Park in the Campbelltown area and the 44ha Nepean Gardens in the Penrith area.

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